Spring 2021Registration

Regular registration for Spring 2021 will run from Nov 22,2021to Jan 30,2021; late registration is from Jan 31,2021 to Feb12,2021

  • Regular Registration = $95
  • Late Registration = $110
  • CSN (Children with Special Needs) Registration = $35
  • Adult Registration = $35
***SI Play has also added an optional Registration Saver Insurance Policy through AIG. If you choose to select this, FC Belton is not responsible for your refund, and you will have to go through SI Play and AIG to get your money back. This is an additional cost on top of your registration if you choose to use it. ***

After Registration, you will receive a full refund up to 3 weeks prior to the season starting. If you withdraw less than 3 weeks before the start of the season, you will receive a partial refund. If the first game is played, no refund will be given.

The regular season runs from March 27,2021 to May22, 2021. If there is any delays due to weather or any other issue, we will let you know at that time what the plan of action will be. If you played in Fall 2020 season you will be assigned to the same team in the Spring season, unless a request is made otherwise to be placed on another team. Reminder these requests are NOT guaranteed and we will do our best to accommodate the request. If you request a specific coach it will be granted IF availability on the team and it will be first come with requests. 

We follow U.S. Soccer's birth year registration model. Each Fall season, players move up to the division corresponding with their birth year. Please see the chart below to see where your child falls; note that some divisions are combined due to number of players/teams.

Season* 2020-2021 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025
Birth Year          
2020         U4
2019        U4 U5 
2018     U4 U5 U6
2017 U4 U4 U5 U6 U7
2016 U4 U5 U6 U7 U8
2015 U5 U6 U7 U8 U10
2014 U6 U7 U8 U10 U10
2013 U7 U8 U10 U10 U12
2012 U8 U10 U10 U12 U12
2011 U10 U10 U12 U12 U16
2010 U10 U12 U12 U16 U16
2009 U12 U12 U16 U16 U16
2008 U12 U16 U16 U16 U16
2007 U16 U16 U16 U16  
2006 U16 U16 U16    
2005 U16 U16      
2004 U16        














*Fall - Spring

FC Belton Player Development

FC Belton focuses on player development. Our Director of Coaching will work hard to develop our coaches in turn offering players different ways to train to challenge each and every player. We will work on development as a club. We really feel that ALL players should get the same type of training according to their age. It is crucial that the younger ages learn technical skills in a fun environment. With U4-U8 we will focus mainly on first touch, dribbling with change of speed, passing at different angles, and receiving. At the U10 level we will start introducing tactics for example dribbling in a certain direction to create space and movement off the ball. With the U12 and up, we will develop more tactics. Every age group will still work on their technical skills as every player at any level can always improve on. We are striving to assure that the players will be challenged not only as an individual but as a team as well.

Adult League

A fun, recreational adult 7v7 soccer league! These adult teams will consist of players age 16 years and older, with games being played at Heritage Park in Belton on Saturday afternoons during the youth soccer season. You can bring your own team, or we can help you build your team. Both male and female players are welcome, and there are NO gender requirements for players on the field, (i.e. 3 females and 3 males). Team roster maximum of 14 players, so that all players can play at least half the game.

**This is a family friendly environment and there will be no tolerance for poor behavior.**

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